The Rise and Rise of The Chinese Automobile Industry

At first it was the Europeans, then the Japanese, then the Koreans and now the Chinese. The automobile industry has gone through a whirlwind of change throughout the years, and has shifted its core to many countries. At present though, it seems that the automobile industry has shifted its focus towards the most populated country in the world, China. What makes the Chinese automobile industry all the more enticing to many an individual is the fact that the vehicles produced in the country are often cheaper to buy, cheaper to maintain and possesses the same features as that of its European and Japanese counterparts. Here are some more reasons that justify the increasing dominance of the Chinese automobile industry:


Of course, one of the most obvious reasons as to the growth of the Chinese automobile industry is the reasonable prices of its vehicles. Vehicles like the Haval car, prove to be prime examples of how the same features incorporated by European manufacturers can be made available to the masses at a much cheaper rate, making the Chinese vehicles all the more desirable to own.


Similar to that of the European counterparts, Chinese vehicles too have accounted for a number of other standards too, such as the economy, emissions, safety and other features, like four-wheel drive and other off-road capabilities. Although not exactly to the standards of its European manufactures, one could easily say that the Chinese are very close, and there really is no difference. Many of the middle-class consumers, who desire the basic safety standards and other economical standards, would still opt for a Chinese vehicle due to the similar utilitarian nature when compared to other established car manufacturers.

Cheap to Run

Many of the engines that are installed in the Chinese vehicles are basic engines that are durable and economical in every way. In other words, you would not have to pay so much for petrol, due to the efficient engine management systems installed. Moreover, maintenance is something that also plays a major role in making the vehicle cheap to run. Due to the panels and other parts being manufactured at a large scale and shipped out around the world, it can be obtained easily and cheaply at almost any motor part store in the world.

Good Second Hand Market

When you do decide to go in for a new vehicle, fret not, your Chinese vehicle will certainly not let you down, as the vehicle guarantees quite a good second hand value should you choose to sell it. As of now, the second hand market does not seem to be slowing down too, since more and more vehicles are being sold for cheap, thus making the Chinese vehicle available for the masses, providing the similar or equal features to that of European manufacturers.

Although the Chinese automobile industry has not still become prominent around the world, it does seem to be growing at a rapid pace, which has made its competitors to actually take notice of its presence.


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