Why Would You Want To Buy An SUV?

When buying a vehicle, we read details online, ask others about their preferences, likes and dislikes and more. In the process sometimes, we forget our own choice and end up buying something entirely different. Or, we assume our neighbour or relatives will appreciate a certain brand or make and go for that. Is it the right thing to do? Or is there a checklist to tick no matter what you decide to buy?


Even if it is just the two of you now, one day there will be more people. If you plan to have a big family, it might not be likely that you have the opportunity to transport everyone in a single-vehicle. Unless you buy an SUV. Even though fuel crisis and environmental pollution like reasons have led people to buy electric or hybrid vehicles, and sedans mainly, in that, a normal saloon car like those won’t be able to transport more than four people comfortably. Even though you target fuel efficiency, in a situation like this it will be double the cost as you will have to make several trips instead of one. Most families now have pets, dogs and cats, and they usually take the animals where they go also. In a single SUV, you can make one trip with all your family and pets, save fuel and time.

Safety And Fuel Efficiency

SUVs are safer than ever. They are higher, making it easier for anyone to see the road clearly. Especially when a lady drives, who tend to be shorter than males, as it is how the natural growth parameters work, they find it easier to manage the vehicle when road and surroundings are clearly visible. All SUVs are now equipped with usual safety features such as traction control, airbags, anti-lock brakes etc. Some vehicles like Haval H9 have even special features such as blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and lane departure warning. Later models also include automatic cruise control and autonomous emergency braking.

Hobbies And Off-Road Travel

True, the economy is harder and the environment is deteriorating fast. Duel mode vehicles with fuel as well as a battery or electric-powered means are hence more attractive now. Also, even though people feel the difficulties, they try to stick to their lifestyles, leading them to engage in their hobbies of off-roading and fishing, cycling, boating etc. These need towing facilities. You need to take all equipment such as a boat, bicycles and tents etc. SUVs are ideal for this as there is space to take the things you want in the vehicle as well as behind, as towing. Most SUVs have built-in towing ability. Since it is built in, swaying issue is also taken care of.

Emergency Situations

SUVs are taller and easier to maneuver in emergency circumstances such as floods. Most sedans face difficulty even in a little rain as their vital parts undergo getting wet. Even if you live in a higher place, when you go out of town and get caught in even a smaller flood, if your carburetor is ruined or tyres are clogged and stuck in something, it is going to be very difficult to release it. But a taller vehicle with ample ground clearance will do the trick wherever you are.

When you spend for a vehicle, it is wiser to spend for one that you don’t have to worry about. An SUV is a perfect answer for it.


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