5 Things You Need To Be Doing Before Summer Roles Around

Summer is the favourite season for most people, thanks to the comfortable weather, the liberating outfits, the holidays and the endless fun. However, there are a few preparations that you must see to before the season begins; preferably during early spring. Here are a few example for such mandatory things that need to be done before summer begins… 

Clean Out Your Wardrobe of All the Clothes You No Longer Wear

Minimalistic living is definitely trending nowadays, and for good reason! If you haven’t worn a particular piece of clothing over a year, chances are that you wouldn’t wear it in the next year either. Adopt the “Marie condo” method to clean out your closet; so that you are only left with the items of clothing that you actuallyuse…and that which brings you joy in owning. Donate or sell all items to a second hand shop so that you can feel good about throwing out your once loved items.

Buy A Few New Outfits to Suit the Weather

Once you’ve cleaned out the closet, you’ll find that you have a lot more space for newer outfits. You can even consider this to be your reward for clearing out the unused. Since spring should be drawing to a close by now, consider buying light, summer appropriate outfits. Tea dresses, summer shorts, linen dresses and shirts, maxi dresses…your choices are unlimited; especially if you opt for Mandalay designs. Just remember to select clothing that can be layered or paired with many options; so that it’s not a one-time outfit.

Get Started On Your Diet and Exercising

If you’ve been putting off working out or dieting all winter long; we won’t blame you. After all, the cold weather makes it much harder to workout in…not to mention it’s nearly impossible to shower after a workout! Now that spring is here and the weather is much more bearable, prepare for that summer body. You’ll feel better about wearing light sweat-proof clothes when you don’t have anything to hide…

Train Yourself to Drink More Water

Summer time obviously means hotter weather; so keeping yourself hydrated is a must. If you’re like most people, your water drinking habits would have had a serious hit when the colder months approached. Use this period to train yourself to drink more water so that it’s natural during the summer. Besides, don’t you want that “summer glow”? If you do, and if you intend to achieve it without the help of makeup, keep yourself well hydrated!

Save Up a Little So That You Have Money to Play during the Summer Vacations

For most people nowadays, regardless to age, summer time definitely means extra spending. Buying summer outfits, partying, going for mini summer vacations with the friends…all these take money! So if you have a busy summer lined up, make sure to save up for it well before the holiday season approaches. Don’t forget to do a few jobs and earn a little money for when the summer ends!

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